Transaction Processing


Data entry and processing, although critical for the success of your organization, if done in-house, can shift your critical resources and focus from your core business activities. Aside from being a tiresome and mundane task, data entry also requires the expertise of skilled data entry operators. By utilizing OBOX to handle your data entry and management needs, you can immediately reduce your costs and improve your quality and throughput.


OBOX is a leading provider of transaction and data processing services. With a typical turnaround time of between 12 and 24 hours, you can get accurately entered data at lightning speed.


We have implemented stringent data, network and site security measures to ensure the privacy and integrity of your data. Guaranteed quality, high project visibility and fast turnaround time (TAT) are some of the key benefits that we offer to customers. Start making your business decisions based on error-free data.


No matter what level of data processing service offering you choose, you will be giving you organization an immediate advantage over your competition.


Our customer service offerings will help reduce costs and free up your internal resources for core business functions. By utilizing OBOX, you can focus on strengthening core competencies while we provide your call center solution. With us as your contact center partner, you will gain a competitive edge over your competitors through reduced costs, higher service levels and increased call center availability.

Following is a brief description of the data processing services that we offer.

  • Forms processing services Finding information from handwritten, soft copies of forms is a time consuming and tedious task. We make things simple for you by processing your forms and promptly making them available to you electronically.

  • Litigation services Leverage our litigation services to organize, streamline and structure your legal documents so you can focus on key litigation tasks. We ensure all of your pleadings and files are organized in the manner you specify and we provide the data to you in an indexed electronic format for use throughout the lifecycle of your cases. Once the cases have been resolved, you can easily archive the electronic files for safekeeping and future use.

  • Fulfilment and mailing services OBOX helps to improve the efficiency of companies by managing document processing and shipping as well as shipping their products. OBOX supports the entire mailing and fulfilment process. These are primarily initiated through phone calls, emails and web forms, however, we can perform these services in any manner you specify.

  • Claims Processing Services OBOX utilizes technology and its specialized teams of healthcare professionals to capture electronic healthcare and claim information, verify the data, determine eligibility, and report information. We can process claims remotely on your system or we can utilize a separate commercial system to process your claims. We provide full service claim processing, augment existing staff, provide peak claim processing services and also provide claim audit services per your specifications. In addition, as your data pool with us grows, we will be able to provide higher-end services such as data mining and analysis.

  • Loan / Mortgage Processing Services These services encompass information capture, verification of information on loan/mortgage applications forms, and screening of these applications against predefined criteria and for completeness and accuracy. We can also verify reported information if contracted to do so.

  • Order Processing Services These services include processing of application forms (both paper and electronic) such as those for credit/debit cards. They also include verification of information, authorization and confirmation against pre-defined criteria


We can also help you to find the right kind of target audience, create a mailing list and shoot emails; OBOX can handle email campaigns, promotions and bulk email requirements.