Customers and Shoppers are the life blood of the retail industry. Today, shoppers are better informed and much more aware of options and choices, largely due to the advent of social media. This has resulted in an increased focus towards customer desires and channel expansion as the key drivers for immediate and long term growth for retail organizations.


Satisfactory management of processes such as price management, product returns, online order processing, order fulfilment, pick-up facilities and delivery are critical to customer satisfaction and ultimately to the success of retail organizations. OBOX offers services that help you to meet these demands and expectations.


The services provided by OBOX enable retailers to innovate in a cost effective manner while ensuring greater customer satisfaction. Retail clients can then focus more attention on emerging trends, product development and marketing efforts.


We support retail organizations – traditional, eRetail or catalogue – to give them competitive advantages in their businesses through excellence in technology, process improvement, industry insights and outsourcing modules. Our customized solutions cover every aspect of retail, from merchandizing, store operations, customer relationship management and fulfilment.


By leveraging our strong domain expertise, technology capabilities, process improvement knowledge and infrastructure experience, we help global retail firms address today’s challenges and ensure process efficiencies across the full spectrum of the retail value chain.


Our services cover:

  • Merchandising Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Support Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Order and Fulfilment Tracking