Engagement and Transition


Our DNA is the “CAP Model” - Customer Alliance & Partnership. CAP is based upon total, no-compromise customer satisfaction and we continually strive to offer value added solutions to meet our customers' needs”


As part of our CAP, we:

  • Enter into long term strategic partnerships with clients
  • Align our business plans and goals with the goals of our clients
  • Introduce process efficiencies though Process Re-engineering, Business Innovation and use of Six Sigma tools and methodologies
  • Provide significant cost savings thereby enhancing shareholder value for our clients
  • Ensure not just “Customer Satisfaction” but “Customer Delight”
  • Strong and robust Governance models at different levels of operations and account management
  • Ensure 100% adherence to our Security and Compliance policies



Transition Management

“Successful transition is not only migration of systems, processes and knowledge but also of operating capabilities”

Impact of Transition:

  • Tangible changes in Structure, Processes, Systems, Technology and Organization Culture
  • Current State to a Future Desired State
  • Empowering a new group or team
  • Output and Quality of Output



At OBOX, we understand the above challenges and follow a well documented and defined Transition Methodology of:

  • Pre-Transition – Comprehensive analysis and project planning
  • Transition – Well documented onsite and offshore Knowledge Transfer
  • Post Transition - Program management
  • Steady State Operations – Continual review of operations to ensure highest level service and testing against best practices where appropriate